We have a team of highly skilled professionals working here at MAN Marketing. Our talented staff ranges from top notch account managers to vastly creative performers and designers. When you choose to work with MAN, you can be assured that you will be working with the best in the industry.

Ed Mallof

MAN Marketing President

Toni Mallof

Vice President / Creative Director

Lee Zuika

Finance Controller

Robert M. McAuliff

Director of Strategic Partnerships & Business Development

Frank DiMatteo

Regional Account Director

Kelley Stiles Kelley Stiles<

Kelley Stiles

Sr. Account Executive

Theresa Daniels

Sr. Account Executive

Brian Sheely Brian Sheely

Brian Sheely

Sr. Accounts Manager

Michelle Garbarz

Media Buyer

Kristen Lagunas Kristen Lagunas

Kristen Lagunas

Media Assistant

Lisa Michalski Lisa Michalski

Lisa Michalski

Media Buyer

Jane Wiedmeyer

Sr. Account Coordinator

Jamie Golden

Account Coordinator

Renata Serpico Renata Serpico

Renata Serpico

Account Coordinator

Gianna Miceli Gianna Miceli

Gianna Miceli

Account Coordinator

Lori Thornton Lori Thornton

Lori Thornton

Account Coordinator

Kathleen Knox

Account Coordinator

Sam Baldassano Sam Baldassano

Sam Baldassano

Account Coordinator

Allison Lajka Allison Lajka

Allison Lajka

Account Coordinator

Cristine Ben

Account Coordinator

Amie Smith Amie Smith

Amie Smith

Account Coordinator

Tony Locke Tony Locke

Tony Locke

Art Director

Jon Malone

Art Director

Jeanne Vaile Jeanne Vaile

Jeanne Vaile

Graphic Designer

Melissa Hendry Melissa Hendry

Melissa Hendry

Web & Graphic Designer

Aaron Hui Aaron Hui<

Aaron Hui

Director of Production

Doug Pieper Doug Pieper

Doug Pieper

Creative Director / Broadcast

Brad Sieg

Video Editor

Louis Jamie Louis Jamie

Louis Jamie

Video Editing & Motion Graphics

Jacob Hagloch Jacob Hagloch

Jacob Hagloch

Video Editor

Guy Lieberman

Director of Digital Marketing

Scott W. Joyner Scott W.  Joyner

Scott W. Joyner

Graphic Designer, Web Designer & Front-End Web Developer

Kyle Rossom

Digital Marketing & PPC Specialist

Erika Costello Erika Costello

Erika Costello

Digital Marketing Specialist

Merielle Maticic Merielle Maticic<

Merielle Maticic

Digital Marketing Specialist

AJ Ortega AJ Ortega

AJ Ortega

Video Editing & Motion Graphics

Lisa Bircher Lisa Bircher

Lisa Bircher

Accounting Manager

Sue Hoffman Sue Hoffman

Sue Hoffman

Accounting Manager