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Internet Display Ads are the image box ads on websites that are advertising a product, service or promotional sales event. They can be placed at the top of web pages like a traditional banner ad, as a larger text billboard ad, or they can even be video ads if you choose. Most display ads usually include a headline, lines of text, and a URL.

The most successful image-based display ads consist of a clean and concise design and contain calls-to-action. The ads should also have relevant links to landing pages of your choice in order to drive more traffic to your website or the products you are promoting. Ensuring that your display ads are functional on multiple devices (mobile, desktop, tablets) and compliant with Google’s rules are also imperative to their success. This is only the first piece of the puzzle to ensuring that your ads benefit your company and increase your sales and leads.

The placement of your display ads is imperative to their success. Proper targeting will help ensure your ads are seen by potential customers who are seeking products related to your industry. MAN Marketing can help you reach an audience that will bring in more leads to your business and in turn, produce in the most profit.

Getting Started

First, our team of designers will create graphics with an eye-catching design to draw in customers and prompt internet browsers to click on your ads.  Our digital department, skilled in both targeting by location and targeting your competitor’s customers (Geo-Fencing and Geo-Farming), will ensure that your ads reach your desired audience. We will target based on interests, demographics, and more. Our primary objective is to increase brand awareness and drive more traffic to your company’s website.

For more information on how to get started with Display Ads, please contact Ed Mallof at emallof@manmarketing.com.

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