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There are many platforms to use for digital advertising. Facebook allows you to create unique ads tailored to your brand. Using Facebook for the bulk of your advertising puts you in control. You can determine your monthly budget, how long you want your ads to run, and even more customized features. Carousel ads allow you to tell a story with images and video through a clean and creative canvas. You can promote new products, direct traffic to your website, and showcase your products in action.

An image-based platform like Instagram allows you to focus on marketing products and services using mainly visual content. Don’t forget that most consumers shop with their eyes.  Posting high-quality, visually appealing photos of your products on your Instagram page is crucial to your success. This platform allows you to create a recognizable brand identity. You can expand your reach with hashtags, liking posts relevant to your industry, and by uploading a link to your website in your Instagram bio. Showing off your products and company’s culture in a creative way will create engagement amongst your followers and attract more leads.

Using Snapchat allows you to reach more customers locally. Snap Ads are short video ads placed in between snap stories you that are shown to anyone who uses Snap Chat. Another option is sponsored Geo-filters. Geo-filters can be applied to photos or videos after they have been taken and are available to anyone in your targeted local area. You can set up a Geo-filter designed around your event or business, and can activate it based on location, which will spread brand awareness to the area you target.

LinkedIn is great for focused targeting, especially if you are targeting professionals. This platform allows you to reach almost 500 million active professionals and target by company name, industry, job title, experience, degree, field of study, location, and more. 

If you want to optimize your social media platforms, our digital department can manage, post, and create customized ads for your business. Our digital experts understand the best strategies for creating campaigns that will achieve the results you are looking for. If there is one thing MAN Marketing knows how to do, it is how to establish a lasting online presence.

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