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Email marketing just may be the most under estimated form of advertising out there. Absolutely nothing else can reach so many prospects so quickly and link them back to your website. And the best part is it costs so little that any business can afford it. 

Think about it… Television and radio may reach more people but they can’t link back to your website. Streaming video can reach a lot of people but it will cost more and take longer to distribute. The same is true of Google Adwords and Facebook. 

We can launch an email to thousands of prospects and it will arrive in theIr inboxs in a matter of minutes. Even better, it will stay there until they take the time to actually remove it. Customers have taken action on old emails weeks, even months later. Compare that to a Facebook ad that disappears down the prospects time line almost as quickly as it appeared. 

Did you know that email advertising has the highest ROI of any form of advertising? On average it delivers $6 dollars return on investment for every dollar spent. With email you target your best prospect using laser like accuracy. Your message arrives instantaneously and it stays around so that potential customers can come back to it and act on it later if not immediately. 

Let MAN Marketing design and send a targeted email for your business. We will introduce thousands of potential customers to your business virtually overnight. A complete campaign can cost as little as $1,000 dollars a month. Contact me, Ed Mallof, to find out how today… 630-929-5201

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