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A high-quality and catchy TV commercial is a tool every business should have in its arsenal. It is proven that visuals and audio combined are both more entertaining and engaging than static images or text ads alone. If your commercial is created efficiently, it will make a lasting impact on your audience and will be memorable years down the road.

At MAN Marketing, we have full-service video production capabilities. Our trained professionals handle all aspects of production, direction, acting, and editing. Our audio-production department will create innovative and likable commercials that will capture your audience’s attention, guaranteed.

Inside our office located in Carol Stream, IL, we have access to a fully functional Green-Screen shooting stage designed for filming commercials and other professional filming equipment. Cinematic effects and virtual backgrounds can be added to your videos with ease.

What About Targeting?

The audience you want to target is crucial to when your TV commercial airs and our dedicated staff can make sure that once your commercial is completed and perfected to your liking, it is aired only in the most effective market and reaches your target audience.

You may be asking how MAN Marketing will ensure that your commercial plays in front of your target audience. Commercials are scheduled to air during specific shows and time slots based on when a specific group is predicted to be watching. Our staff will assist you with this and make sure that your video is viewed by customers relevant to your industry.

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