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Nothing is worse than a BDC department with no calls to answer. Now, thanks to our Direct–to–voicemail technology, that is a thing of the past. MAN Marketing can now script and record your conversational voicemail message and deliver it to the voicemail boxes of your customers or prospects without their phone ever ringing. It's true! It appears as a missed call...Read More
What if you could put a salesperson in your service drive 24/7? One that never calls in sick, never takes a coffee break and always stays on script. Sounds too good to be true? Well it gets even better. MAN Marketing can show you how to get this for FREE! ...Read More
Craigslist has come a long way from the way you probably remember it. It has become an important resource for used car shoppers everywhere. MAN Marketing has taken the pain out of posting with a technology based solution that dynamically posts your inventory's most sought after pre-owned vehicles...Read More
It’s been proven that today’s car shoppers would prefer not to interact with salespeople more than they have to. How can you effectively capture the information of all showroom shoppers without confronting them? The MAN Marketing Kiosk is the answer! Now you can gently suggest that they enter to win a new car while in your showroom...Read More
Need a weekend promotion to lift the end of the month? Consider the MAN Marketing One – Two Punch! First, we comb through your database to find the most likely prospects to participate in a buyback offer. Then, we send them a highly personalized email with their name and actual vehicle in the body of the email. We provide a link for them to click through to a PURL (Personalized URL) that also greets them by name and reinforces our desire to purchase their particular vehicle...Read More
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