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Graphic Design, Audio & Video Production

Full In-House Production Studio

MAN Marketing’s in-house production team focuses on bringing you award winning creative talent – where concepts evolve into reality, all under one roof. Working hand in hand with our imaginative graphic design team, we sculpt compelling TV and radio commercials, display advertisements, mailers, and everything in between. We’ll work with you to craft a visual and auditory experience that lingers, always aligned with your goals.

Cameraman holding a camera. Camera crew. Film camera. Digital Camera. Making film. Tv production.

Commercial Production

Here at MAN Marketing, we have full service video production capabilities, and our specialty is TV commercials. Our professional staff handles all production, directing, actor

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Design Be Creative Inspiration Logo Concept

Graphic Design

Tap into Creative Excellence with Our Skilled Graphic Artists for Hire. At MAN Marketing, we offer a dynamic team of talented graphic artists available for

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Video maker editing movie using post production software

Post Production

We have an in-house staff of talented artists, editors, engineers and animators. These folks creatively shape and mold the individual elements into something far greater.

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Multimedia designer using software to edit video footage

Motion Graphics

Animation is a powerful tool and motivator. MAN Marketing has top-notch talent on staff who create memorable animations and bring video advertising to a new

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Talent Demos

You name it we have got it! Discover amazing voice artists for your project. MAN Marketing has exclusive voice talent for TV & radio commercials,

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Business owners understand the necessity of a unique logo for branding their product or service. Did you know that an “audio logo” has an even

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